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What’s really going on with COVID-19 EUA tests?

When the global pandemic hit, the FDA authorized COVID-19 diagnostic tests to be rushed to market. When the FDA takes such an action through Emergency Use Authorizations (EAUs), no public records are available on the product’s regulatory application, efficacy, or safety profile. But, safety data DOES get reported! See it all here. … Read More

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What’s New at CDRH?

What’s New at CDRH? A Different View. Are you ever curious about what parts of our industry keep CRDH busy? Or which medical disciplines are most active these days? At Basil, we believe these kinds of trends and insights are … Read More

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Basil Systems Commercial Launch and New Seed Funding

Basil Systems Commercial Launchand New Seed Funding Basil Systems is delighted to announce our SaaS platform for delivering essential healthcare insights is now commercially available. In addition, we secured $1.5M in venture capital funding to accelerate development and drive our … Read More

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