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About Basil Systems

Streamlining life sciences research for better patient outcomes

Basil Systems exists to help save lives and improve health outcomes by streamlining how companies work in the highly regulated healthcare industry. We do that by providing leading healthcare enterprises with essential analytics and insights through our proprietary AI/ML-powered big-data SaaS platform.

The Basil team

Basil was formed by a team of MIT alumni who previously built a software platform serving the data privacy industry. When that company was acquired by IBM, the team turned to the challenges of working in another highly regulated industry—healthcare—creating the Basil analytics and insights platform. 

Our platform

The Basil platform maintains a constantly updated state-of-the-art database of multiple large, disparate sources, merged and cross-indexed into a single powerful insight engine. Sources include multiple government agencies, industry data, quasi-governmental entities and private enterprises. Primary use cases include:

Regulatory strategy

Rapid new insights to accelerate regulatory cycles
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Post-Market surveillance and quality

Advanced trend analytics, market monitoring and alerts, supporting market actions and EU MDR/IVDR submissions
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Due diligence

Competitive analysis, technology landscapes, product and brand status, market trends

Who we serve

Medical device, IVD and blood product manufacturers

Government agencies

Law firms, regulatory consultants, financial institutions and insurers

Healthcare providers and purchasing departments

About our name

In addition to technology and business, we like nature and food, and Basil just sounded good.