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Groundbreaking software for the pharmaceutical and medical device industries

Basil Systems was conceived by industry veterans and MIT technologists to address critical friction points in the healthcare product development process. 

Basil leverages AI/ML to provide leading healthcare enterprises with unprecedented analytics and insights that guide strategic product development decisions. 

Ultimately, Basil’s mission is to improve patient care and outcomes. 


Addressing massive information challenges

The healthcare industry is struggling with a need for data on new and existing procedures, medical devices, drugs and diagnostics. Basil addresses critical friction points with a full-stack suite of powerful tools designed for the workflows of industry leaders.

Search Unified Datasets

Search for mission critical data including 510 (k), PMA, De Novo, and relevant clinical trials across manufacturers, brands, functions, and more in natural language with instant, comprehensive results.

Inform Product Strategy

Harness market, event, and associative product analytics to optimize strategic product decisions.

Track Submissions & Approvals

Understand how a product compares to other competitive products in the pipeline or on the market.​ Search across hundreds of thousands of trade journals, transcripts, catalogues, and more.

Obtain Supply Chain Visibility

Track audits, continuity of manufacturers, and component suppliers to mitigate supply chain risks.

Search Relevant Predicates

Gain a comprehensive understanding of relevant predicates, reference products, and performance analysis for regulatory submissions.

Understand Applications Trends

Optimize how to position a product relative to competitive applications for minimal recall risk and optimal outcomes.

Monitor Adverse Events

Access real-time updates on adverse events, warnings, and recalls to enable immediate actions to mitigate them.​

Harness Predictive Analytics

Leverage a wealth of historical outcomes, benchmarks, and ongoing insights to position products and applications for success.

These friction points can cost billions of dollars annually

Developing healthcare products is expensive. Delayed or failed regulatory approval can result in millions of lost revenue per day. Recalls or warning letters can result in tens of millions of losses per week. Legal exposure and liabilities can result in hundreds of millions lost per event.

Such negative outcomes also reduce speed to market for potentially life saving products.

Basil's Impact

Basil delivers actionable insights that have significant enterprise ROI impact – with the ability to drive significant revenues while reducing costs and dramatically improving the quality of patient care.

Accelerated Market Readiness

Proactive Risk Mitigation

Enhanced Competitive Strategy 

Improved Product Quality

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