Know. Act. Win.

Know. Act. Win.

The Basil insights and analytics platform changes the game by accelerating success for medical device companies.

Be fast. And right.

Basil leverages AI/ML to dramatically speed access to the vital insights that drive medical product development success. In a single powerful SaaS platform, Basil unlocks intelligence buried in multiple disconnected sources. So you can make right decisions faster – accelerating speed to market, optimizing product strategy, driving innovation and mitigating risks.

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Upstream, downstream, and in-market.

Basil currently offers two powerful medical intelligence modules, addressing essential needs.

Regulatory Module

Become exponentially more efficient at finding insights and answers for your regulatory strategy.

Post-Market Module

Uncover vital, otherwise-unavailable in-market quality and surveillance insights, plus trends and analytics.

It’s not cheating. It’s Basil.

The advantage is clear. Basil unlocks insights and analysis you can’t otherwise readily access. So you can gain clarity into today’s market and anticipate what’s around the corner.

Search Across Data Sources

Search for mission-critical data: regulatory applications; recall and quality records and events; manufacturers, products, and brands; regulations and standards – using easy natural language.

Inform Product Strategy

Harness market, event, and associative product analytics to optimize strategic product decisions. Benchmark against other products and submissions.

Track Markets & Companies

Understand how products compare across competitors in the pipeline or on the market. Search hundreds of thousands of records for related technologies to see emerging threats and opportunities. Track companies intimately.

Monitor All New Developments

Be alerted to all new recalls, adverse events, warning letters, and more. Track your own custom-defined parameters (companies, markets, brands, etc.) to share insights or deliver deep analysis and reporting.

Optimize Predicate Selection

Gain unprecedented efficiency and insight into relevant predicates and reference devices, compare quality histories, choose ideal predicates rapidly, and assess time-to-approval statistics.

Minimize Risk of Complications

Track quality trends and expose sources of patient risk that can impact your business. Spot emerging competitor device problems or patient problems and design them out of your products.

Accelerate MDR/IVDR Submissions

Save 90% of the time and effort currently required to prepare CER/PSUR data analyses for European re-submissions. Define, modify, and analyze product and competitor quality events in real time.

Unlock Rich Insights

Leverage the wealth of healthcare data to gain and deploy insights that can save millions of dollars and accelerate commercial success – enabling you to get to market faster and capture sales earlier.

What Basil can save you.

Basil helps bring vital medical advances into the market faster, while reducing the risk of costly quality problems, including:

Delayed or failed clearance

$ Millions

Recalls or warning

$ Tens of Millions

Legal exposure or liabilities

$ Hundreds of Millions