Clinical Trials

Clinical Trials

Integrated, comprehensive access to clinical trials

Quickly investigate clinical research and evidence generation with extensive search tools and easy download/export capabilities

Over 500k indexed trials and growing

Fully indexed dataset enables rich access to any / all clinical trials that reference any mention of a medical device, IVD or blood product

Comprehensive search: see everything at once

Being fully connected to all regulatory and quality data makes your clinical trial research exponentially more insightful and helpful

Natural language, full text analysis

Just like everything else on Basil’s platform, search for anything and find everything related to your interests. Naturally.

Pre-commercial due diligence

Now you can investigate new technologies, companies, and research programs in early-stage development that have not cleared the FDA

Comprehensive research - continuously updated

Extracting value from Clinical Trials

Enhance and refine results by condition, sponsor, location, trial participants, intervention type, referenced submissions, and so much more
Fully-indexed text search enabling key terms to be found anywhere referenced in clinical trial submissions and documentation
Continuously monitored and updated – with tracking history
Review and download complete trial details and results in a shareable PDF