Post Market

Post-Market Intelligence

Unprecedented access to market insights

Our Post-Market Intelligence (PMI) module greatly enhances your visibility…

Our newly released Post-Market Intelligence (PMI) module greatly enhances your visibility and research capabilities across companies, products and categories for recalls, adverse events, warning letters, citations and more.

Immediate insights and alerts

Stay fully informed, with immediate visibility into quality issues across your industry, as they happen

Instant data tables for MDR/IVDR

Define your European reporting needs and export full CER/PSUR data tables effortlessly, saving hundreds of hours

Novel tools, extensive export

Unique analytics, trend charts and comparison tools, with extensive and unlimited data export options for in-house and off-line analysis

Rich, customizable search

Build custom datasets across companies, brands or product categories; save and monitor them for trends and reporting

Uniquely actionable intelligence

Post-Market module highlights

Analyze broad industry data at once in a single interface – recalls, adverse events, warning letters, brands, companies, GMDN, clinical panels and more

Define custom datasets for analysis & tracking, across companies, brands or tech categories

See everything and anything new at a single glance and get email alerts when anything happens in your tracked datasets

View trends, spot troublesome developments; compare across companies, products, problem types and more

Export unlimited data on adverse events, recalls and products; or download presentation-ready charts