Comparative Table Creator

Comparative Table Creator

Real-time insight into complex emerging safety signals

For the first time ever you can quickly and easily compare the safety/quality data of any medical devices, products, and brands side-by-side

Select any products

Simple enter brand names from any manufacturer. Limit/constrain common names by company, product-code, or GMDN

Choose between multiple geographies

Get real-time, full safety records from the US FDA, Australia TGA, and Health Canada

Save. Export. Share.

Data tables and the entire dataset behind them can be saved, exported, and shared to simplify longitudinal team analysis and reporting

Complete comp analysis and details

Comparative data table highlights

Designed to support CER/PSUR reporting requirements for EU-MDR/IVDR
Real time data always available – tables update automatically every time
The only multi-geography, comparative safety report generator available today
Integrated feature with Post-market Intelligence module